Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Unions Have to Go!

Unions were formed for good reason, exploitation of employees. They were a critical part of balancing power of the companies that hired the workers and the workers themselves. As more and more industries were formed, competition for those same workers increased and the need for unions decreased as did the unions. Today, about 7% of all private sector jobs are unionized.
Government by definition doesn't need unions but today 43% of government employees are union, plus teachers. This is an oxymoron. The unions bosses were no longer needed in the private sector and moved to the public sector. Since then, they have become the largest donators to political races, both in money and time. They control a lot of the vote and it is almost all the democrat party as are the donations. Nov. 2, 2010 saw this up close, Ca, Co, Nv, Wa and WV senate races were all taken by the votes and fraud of the unions. Many house races and at least the governor of Mn was taken by the unions.
Congress needs to pass a law that makes government unions illegal. Why does the government need a union? Why do government employees have higher pay and bigger unfunded pension plans? The Unions have to Go!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Addia Wuchner pre files to regulate body fat

Another chip away at our liberty, this time from a so called republican. Addia if you want to get rid of weight problems, drug test food stamp and welfare recipients. The ever growing government can't do anything right. This is another example of pathetic encroachment of freedom by the nanny state. We need to limit the government by limiting people like this in office. And to say that our body fat percentage won't be kept by the nanny state, well why do you want to measure it Addia if you aren't going to keep it? Watch out Boone county, this RINO is dangerous.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boehner May Have Caused 3rd Party to Rise.

With the appointment of Hal Rogers and Fred Upton to important committee chairs, Speaker Boehner has made a terrible decision. Rogers is the "king of pork". While from my party and state, I don't support him at all, in fact, want him primaried. Upton is the same person that banned the incandescent light bulb. These RINOs are both pathetic and now in charge of appropriations and energy. Humm? This TEA party activist may leave the GOP over these picks. The Libertarians are closer to my beliefs than these 2. This is a bad mistake Speaker Boehner and it will bite the GOP where it hurts, with voters like me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Auditor of Kentucky - Elect John Kemper - 2011

Kentucky needs a businessman to run this office. We also need someone with no history inside political machines, particularly this office! John fits this perfectly and is committed to a debt free Kentucky. He also has a great idea, put all government spending on-line so that we have thousands of "Citizen" auditors. John is for We The People not the political class. Particularly this year, his democrat opponent is the governor's chief of staff. These interwoven machines have to go and we have a great candidate... John Kemper