Friday, May 20, 2011

The Governor's race 2011 in Kentucky

The primary is over, David Williams won the GOP, Beshear had no opposition. The GOP vote was quite split with the winner getting less than 50% of the vote with 3 candidates. The TEA parties and the GOP fought hard in this race and the winning candidate got less votes than the Ag Comm and the Auditor. Houston, we have a problem.
What do we republicans do now? There is a unity rally tomorrow in Frankfort and soon after( too far apart driving to make both) TBK meets to minimize damage. Several TEA party organizations have already thrown their support to Gatewood and I posted a few weeks ago the same.
This is a problem!
If Beshear wins, we have 4 more years of the same, only slightly less with Williams. If our vote is split we lose. As most of you know, I don't support Williams or Farmer or Beshear.
Can we demand concessions?
Can we minimize the damage?
Do we want Gatewood governor?
We are stuck with it! Phil asked me earlier today to stop a write in campaign. As usual he is right, it is pointless and counterproductive.
I hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow in Etown at TBK. Thank you Norm Davis and many others!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Hemp Should Be Legalized

In 1936 Dupont and Chevron figured a way to make rope from oil, nylon. The movie, Reefer Madness was produced by them to tie Marijuana and Hemp together. It worked and Dupont got a huge rope order under FDR's progressive guidance and Dupont's and Chevron's lobbying. Hemp was interstate commerce, so could be federally banned and was in 1937. The stacked Supreme court of FDR affirmed.
Rope prices skyrocketed as Kentucky's primary crop was legislated out of business by the ruling class. Hemp is gone and under government guidance marijuana is now Kentucky's #1 cash crop. Thank you government, you are uninformed or stupid.
Another amazing thing - Because marijuana and hemp cross pollinate, hemp producers eradicate marijuana within a bee's flight range, about a mile. Cross pollinization ruins both crop's seeds. Government is the problem, not the solution.
It is time to chain the federal government down and get them out of Kentucky. Nullify the federal hemp law. Take a lead as a state, exercising the 10th amendment. We want less marijuana and hemp for all that buy it. By the way, 8 barrels of oil per acre, see why Chevron lobbied with Dupont!
Mike Stephens