Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the summer of 1787 delegations from all over the future USA met in Philadelphia to write the constitution. After months of discussions, the overall idea was that the 13 colonies would be experiments in freedom and the federal government would have only 2 responsibilities. The defense of the nation and to solve disputes between the states. All other things were left to the states. The bill of rights had to be added before the states would ratify.

Big government power brokers have manipulated the constitution ever since. The progressives in 1913 started the decline with the 16th and 17th amendments. The government is now the problem, not the solution and it is time to throw out the power brokers from both parties. We need to go back to the system that was designed not to allow them in the first place. This is done by elections.

The senate primary in Kentucky is a classic case. Conservatism has a chance in the GOP only, so the democratic primary is ignored here. The GOP primary has 6 candidates, 3 of which have a chance.

Our current Secretary of State is Trey Grayson. He went to the national democratic convention on behalf of Bill Clinton. After he changed parties to go to work for Ernie Fletcher, he was discovered by Mitch McConnell and has been under his wing the whole way to now. This is the perfect example of a political opportunist and machine politician. Trey is a RINO that blows with the wind and money. Ever heard of Arlen Specter. NO WAY TREY.

Rand Paul is in the private sector, somewhat. He went to his first national political convention in 1976 and ran his dad's campaign for president in 2008. I don't think he saw many patients that year! Rand has been very clear over the years that he is a Libertarian. I like that better than RINO but I am a conservative. Initially I signed up to help Rand. I never heard from his campaign. I wrote to David Adams, the manager and offered my help again. No answer. Because of my concern about a rising conservative I wrote David again about that and volunteering. I know he got the email because he forwarded it to the rising star. So did I. David didn't write me back even though he obviously read it. The rising star wrote me back quickly. If you won't answer a volunteer but forward his email, what do you do once in power?

Bill Johnson is a nuclear engineer that worked in that capacity in the US Navy. His last 13 years have been spent in the private sector all over the world, the last 6 as a buyer for BP. He is an energy expert on many levels. He has never run for office or participated on a campaign. Before I joined his team, I went to hear him speak. One of the first things he said was that the Department of Education should be eliminated. $45 billion a year saved. I was impressed. He went on to say that the EPA should be eliminated. Another $10billion. This is better than Rand and from a solid individual that has never been in politics. He came to the 9-12 meeting in Lexington later in the snow and spent 3 hours there without making a speech. He only answered questions from everybody. I understand he is always the first to events and the last to leave. I am totally onboard and will knock on many many doors this May for Bill Johnson.

I hope you will join me. Sign up, donate, but most, educate your neighbors and friends. It's time for the grass roots to get rid of lifetime politicians. We have a classic case and a rising star in Bill Johnson.