Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John T. Kemper for congress

After many conversations and emails the decision on whom to support for Congress is made. John T. Kemper for congress. Here's why:

He is a true conservative and as a private businessman has been that way for a long time. He is electable and never delays in answering questions. He speaks from the heart and answers with a great look in the eye. He won't give in to what the machines want, in fact wants to throw out the machines based on grass roots support... right on Mr. Kemper. He is very quick on his feet in conversation and will be very strong in debate.

He has never been in politics, has no machine and will answer only to his constituents.

Mr. Kemper was the first to write back about meeting and I have seen him at every 912 and Tea Party meeting since. He is a realist and a businessman who knows that government is the problem, not the solution. Take that Ben, the blue lap dog!

These things combined give John Kemper the best chance to win, which is my number one goal. I hope you will join me in the effort. I will strongly support Andy Barr or Matt Lockett in the event of their primary win. They are both very good people also. Isn't good choice wonderful!

Mike Stephens

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloody Sunday

Socialized medicine in the USSA. Freedom died last night 219 to 212 in the house. Arm yourselves heavily and be ready for revolution. No other solution is left after November. That means that we have 219 socialists in the house of representatives, 59 senators and the entire executive. That is the democrat party.
Never before in history has a major piece of legislation passed with no support from the party in the minority. But there is 2010 and it happened on Bloody Sunday.

If the majority of people in America don't get together in November, this country is over. The freedom that allowed individuals to prosper and create the highest standard of living in history has moved to European socialism as the people vote themselves money from the treasury.

Thomas Jefferson is gone and Saul Alinsky has become the center of the political class. We have one chance left and that is November. Today the media will tout this as a great day to promote the further advance of their socialists ideals.

Let's rise together and throw them out in mass.

Mike Stephens

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Republican primary May 18th

One certainty, we need the most electable conservative in the May primary to beat Ben Chandler. I am very happy to say, we have excellent choices. I am still undecided. Does anybody know...is there a debate scheduled?

Relevant criteria to me...comments urged.






Financial capability

Physical capability

Member of a machine

United we stand, divided we fall. Please comment, I need input!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tyranny in Congress

For over a century the socialists have planned a slow erosion of freedom. Chip, chip, chip. The progressive implementation of the 16th and 17th amendments to the constitution in 1913 were the tools that allowed it to happen.

Today, our majority in congress knows more about Saul Alinsky than Thomas Jefferson and our president taught Alinsky to our youth while a professor in Chicago.

The radical left is trying now to use nonexistent rules to impose another takeover of private industry. This one is their goal... health care. Once they control your health, they control you... rationing, death panels and pain pills. It has failed everywhere in the world. The people are against this, but the socialists that run congress don't care, they want power and this is it.

Ben Chandler voted no on this the last time because the 3 vote win did not require his vote. It now does as they lost 3 votes as 2 died and one changed parties. Ben is under the gun and won't answer his phone. Please email him. chandler@house.gov

This is tyranny folks, implemented by the enemy within, Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Reid's wife was in a bad car wreck Wednesday with a broken neck. Where is Harry? In secret meetings, typical. We may have to go to Washington to stop this. They are trying to do this without a vote. The people are supposed to be in control, we are not, the radical left is. This is up to us and we have to shout now. Please write Ben and write him again.

Friday, March 12, 2010

GOP 6th in Kentucky

Returning to the original objective... replacing Ben Chandler with a conservative. I will be at Rand Paul's rally tomorrow at Ben's office and am going to ask for time with Matt and Andy. They are both conservative but only one will be the nominee. This victory needs to carry to November 2.
Do you believe in less government

How do you propose to accomplish that

Are you electable

Can you raise the money

Can you stand the heat

Please comment other questions as this won't occur at the rally. United we Stand and with understanding we win.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bad day for freedom

Bill Johnson leaving the senate primary is a terrible loss in the battle for freedom. Our best candidate was squashed. I really hope that Bill will stay involved with local and congressional campaigns and build the communication network to take on Mitch in 2014. I will stay on this honorable man's team.


You took on tremendous odds and invested heavily. At every appearance you were a man of "DUTY, HONOR and COUNTRY" It was an honor to serve with you sir. I will remain available to you and am terribly sorry that you are not going to be our next senator.

With utmost respect,

Mike Stephens

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Louisville debate

As usual, Rand won't face competition, neither will Trey. The real grass roots candidate is rising and the campaigns know it. The debate in Louisville Saturday was competition and that is what made this country great. If you are on the fence in the senate primary, home run Bill Johnson, like the last debate that was also covered up.

I hope money can't buy victory but I do stand with Rand and his press to unseat Ben Chandler. I hope that is a place where Bill and Rand make a unified statement. Friday at high noon at 1010 MonarcXXX Obama drive is the rally. Throw Ben the Spend out. Your voice matters a lot!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Machine politicians are the problem

The GOP dinner in Hyden was interesting for several reasons. The primary reason was the pride in pork displayed by the speakers. This is why the American people have lost faith in both parties. One participant in this was Trey Grayson, another Hal Rogers. Machine politicians are the problem in both parties. The tea partiers are the true Americans that believe in limited government and reduced spending, not pork. The machines need to go May 18th.

Bill Johnson only got a few seconds from his table to address the full gym. As always he said the EPA and other big government programs have to be eliminated. This is why the tea partiers like me are moving fast to Bill. We need businessmen to run Washington, not politicians.

Trey Grayson is Mitch's chosen continuation of the machine. Rand Paul is a part of a different machine with over 30 years in politics and most of his money and help from outside Kentucky. Bill Johnson has never been in a part of politics. If you want the truth and less government, you have an excellent candidate in Bill. He answers email and returns phone calls. Try that with the others.

Please look hard at this race. America is on the edge of socialism and Bill is the best candidate to win in November and govern for the people, not for himself.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The guy on the left points from his anointed tower while looking down his nose. The guy on the right works to achieve his goals. I would love to see these 2 in November. Yes Leland, a picture is worth a thousand words, this one more. It's priceless and indicative of a liberal, Mongiardo on the left and a conservative, Bill Johnson on the right.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Education is the key to winning elections and bringing America back from socialism.

First, some history. Even most of the democrat party was somewhat conservative in 1960. Look at Kennedy, from Massachusetts, tax cuts, strong defense and many others. Johnson who took over after Kennedy's death was a socialist and did not run again in 1968 because of certain defeat. He had already done his damage with both houses of congress joining him.

The federal government with the "Great Society" of Johnson imposed control over education. Formerly, state's rights. Before that happened our SAT and ACT scores were the highest in the world or second every year. Johnson's intent was to remove history and replace it with socialist propaganda in the classrooms of America. That is exactly what has been getting worse ever since.

Bush 43, another more government activist, furthered it with "No Child left behind." Now our test scores are not in the top 20. Those of us that are conservatives know that the government can't do anything right and this planned destruction has to be removed and history returned to the classroom.

The first time I heard Bill Johnson speak, he started with removing the Department of Education. Number 1 issue. He is exactly right and a true conservative. The Department of Propaganda and all its unions have to be removed. In the mean time it is up to us to educate because most schools don't know what civics is and aren't allowed to teach it. Our friends, families and neighbors need to be educated to the benefits of freedom and the corruption of government. This job is up to us and is critical.

That is how we win elections and take our country back. GO BILL GO!