Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A new target

Record views on this page the last few days including 13 from I guess I am now a target. Too bad Ben, we used to be friends and I supported your first campaign but since you won't return calls or emails, I am going to personally see to it that you move back to Versailles this November 2. I am only sorry that taxpayers will have to pay your retirement.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ben Chandler drove by TEA Party tonight

We are being heard. Thank all of you! Tonight about 7:30 Leland was doing a great job rallying the crowd. Unnoticed by most was the Mercedes with the top down driving by. The operator of the Mercedes was Ben Chandler. This was not coincidence. He doesn't have time to meet a constituent, but has time to drive by a TEA party. FOLKS WE ARE BEING HEARD!!! Thank you. For those of you that don't go to these events, please join 912 and get involved. Our country is at stake and only united we stand. Always divided we fall.