Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Democrat double standards

Isn't it odd that Rand Paul can be crucified for his belief that the over reaching government shouldn't control all business with regulations including discrimination. Yet the government who the civil rights act was the primary target of is exempt. Don't believe it, just ask a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, no whites allowed. We have Miss Black America also don't we. American flags can be burned but Mexican not. Laws only apply to the left when they want, socialism stinks.
Please educate your neighbors, friends and family. November 2, 2010 is our last chance and we will be fighting millions in "stimulus" money, ACORN, SEIU and the brainwashed, government educated dumb masses. Thank goodness we have excellent candidates this year!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to freedom

Rand Paul is being Borked and Palined at once, the socialist media never rest. Rush said it best... To see who they are afraid of, look who they are attacking, I paraphrase. Look what it did in the polls! Andy, beware and stand strong, you are the next target. We The People are behind you and in front of you. We will catch the dead fish that Rahm throws at you and make him eat it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Politics with class

John Kemper, Perry Barnes and Mike Templeman had the dignity and class to offer support to Andy Barr Tuesday night in person. Andy grew to be friends with these fellow conservatives and earned their respect for his incredible organization and thus win. Andy went further and offered them board seats on his campaign. They are all novices to politics and did what an entrepreneur would do and what Washington needs. Outstanding Andy, John, Perry and Mike, thank you!

Leland went off on it twice before Andy came on and he started with it in Andy's interview, I will help you pay for that plane ticket Andy unless Pelosi continues to fly on a government jet, they aren't green or competitive! I am sorry that Matt and George were not there, I asked both of them to join also. George was called to fly an injury to the hospital and couldn't make it. Matt just said no.

This bodes very well for November. A grass roots team is forming of We The People and that is what it will take to send Ben home. Grass roots, hard work and preventing fraud will win this election, not money. Like Rand says, we're going to take our government back. Thank you all and send Andy and Rand to Washington!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Congratulations to Andy Barr and his entire team!

Andy Barr won against 5 other conservatives in a very high class race. This was one of the best run campaigns ever. Congratulations to the entire team. The margin was huge and the competition formidable. It is only a step and Andy said so tonight. The prize is less than 6 months away.

This member of a competitors team is now with you and will work hard to support Andy Barr for Congress! Please everybody know who the new opposition is, Rahm Emanuel. Ben is only a puppet, but the operator of this puppet is extremely well funded and one of the nastiest people alive. Both barrels will be fired at anybody in their way and Andy is exactly that!

This blog will go full time for Andy in any way that his team sees fit. I am only a cog on a gear but the better the team works, the better the results. For those of you on the team, please know that many, many things need to be accomplished. I offer my help with any part. You can comment below or email me at the address on the right.



Monday, May 3, 2010

Excellent candidates in May lead to wins in Nov.

If we don't gain control November 2 of the US house or senate, the tyranny will erode our freedom completely. Our very survival as America depends on getting at least one house in congress We have a chance in both.
All politics is local and we in central Ky. have the best opportunity to be heard. Ben Chandler is going home when the people are heard and we have to hold the senate seat. That is two big jobs as stimulus, union and liberal money will be spent in droves on both. That is November 2, 2010.
ACORN has reappeared in Louisville in a big way, wake up Trey. That will make John Yarmouth tough to beat. This site is not helping until the primary is over.
I prefer John Kemper for the 6th seat, but have come to like every one of the 6 candidates and we all agree on the November goal. Carol Barr (Andy's wife) and I have laughed a couple of times that we have a date May 19th. We do, as a unified group of conservatives. It has been wonderful to watch this group of Americans become friends and they have.
I hope that you watched the 912 group's debate of Rand and Trey. It shows very clearly the best candidate for senate now that Bill Johnson is out.
We need to educate our families, neighbors and coworkers. One at a time, take your time and explain that government can't do anything well. They all understand that!
United we stand, divided we fall. The conservatives need to take that moniker and nationalize it.