Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freedom is under attack

Freedom, what made America great, is under attack on several fronts. The enemy within has been on the attack since the progressives in the late 1890s and hasn't stopped. The enemy from without is radical islam, their war has been in effect since 850AD. November 2, 2010 is critical to our survival. The new congress has to stop this quickly or it is too late, both fronts.
We have to take the house by a large majority and we have to take the senate. With both and leadership, we can right the ship, without, we cannot.
The TEA party has been huge and is giving the GOP one more chance. Fortunately the conservatives have had major wins in many primaries and still are. November 2, freedom is on the line. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are socialist progressives. They are the far left and they are running our country.
Why has this happened?
The conservatives have been free to build businesses, create jobs, define excellence that the people want. We have been paying attention to that and the socialists have taken over the government. IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT BACK!!! We have to. Your freedom to work has been replaced by regulations and illegal aliens. Your freedom to choose has been replaced by bureaucracy. Your freedom to worship God is even under attack, incrementalism.
We withstood it for a lot, because we were smarter and could produce more and still make ends meet. Many can't now and it is getting worse. The summer of recovery is taking a pain pill both literally and figuratively.
We have to balance our budgets, so should they. Vote the bastards out with conservatives that will repeal the 17th and 16th amendments. Corruption resides there.
Mike Stephens, I blog in my own name.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Insider trading from Air Force One

On February 13, 2010 BP reported problems with the deepwater horizon well to the MMS. They struck oil and gas, too much of both. Continuing problems were reported through February and March. Emails were coming out of BP almost daily that high gas pressure was blowing out the cement at the top of the well. Repeated attempts were made to seal the area. MMS knew all about it.
In a similar situation in 2006 also in the Gulf, Exxon experienced high pressure gas and completely deep cemented the well instead of trying to harvest that which they couldn't control. It cost them a lot of money, but they did the right thing.
A very large investor in BP, Vanguard, through 2 subsidiaries sold all of its BP stock almost on the same day that Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, sold a lot of his stock. Two weeks before the explosion on April 20. Is this insider trading?
Unsealed wells with high pressure gas are almost all deep cemented and abandoned as they are very dangerous even above ground. The Russians had to nuke 3. This well should have been no exception. MMS knew it and could have forced it, they are the regulatory agency in charge.
One big holder of Vanguard funds is none other than Barack Obama who oversees MMS and had just surprised his opponents by announcing that Gulf drilling was going to be expanded. He had inside information and his portfolio was loaded with BP stock through Vanguard, who makes him uninterested. Amazing... Hayward and Vanguard sell their stock at almost the same time and 2 weeks later the well blows up killing 11 people and causing this mess.
If the crisis doesn't exist, sell your stock, then create the crisis that you can blame on big oil. Then use it to force Cap and Trade before you lose congress. Was this entire thing contrived?
Mike Stephens

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Repeal the 16th and 17th amendments

From 1787 until 1913 the federal government wrote about 100 pages of laws a year. They were mostly maritime and excise. What happened in 1913?
Until 1913, the states were sovereign over the federal government. Our US senators were chosen by the state's houses to represent the state. The 10th amendment to the constitution furthered this wish of the founding fathers that states had control, not the federal government.
In 1913 that was removed by an unconstitutional amendment, the 17th. The states lost their suffrage to the people and corruption began. The Federal reserve was created, lobbyists were born, pork barrel spending and career politicians took over Washington and have had it ever since.
That same year, the 16th amendment was forced on We The People by the same progressives that allowed the now corrupt government to legislate activity through tax code and controlled banking. Both of these amendments were not ratified legally and should be removed. They are the cause of almost every problem this country has.
If we went back to the days of 100 pages of federal laws a year, productivity would go back up as lawyers produce nothing except dead trees.
Mike Stephens

TEA party wins again... everywhere!

The TEA party won in every race in every primary again June 22!!! Utah is my favorite, with a close race. Mike Lee will be a new member of the senate in January. The GOP moved to the right.
In South Carolina, Nikki Haley closed the deal in the runoff for SC governor and Tim Scott finished with even higher majority over Strom Thurman's son. 77 to 23. In another landslide, Trey Gowdy took out RINO Bob Inglis. It was a great day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Constutional responsibility ignored again

Ben chandler and his handler, Nancy Pelosi, have failed to do one of the primary jobs of Congress, a budget. They want to spend more of our money, but are not willing to do it in the open. The law requires a budget be approved by May 15. The first vote has not been called yet this year because they don't want to be accountable to We The People.
The absolute corruption of this government is what has the TEA parties growing all over the country. The people are smarter than the idiots that are running this congress.
Andy Barr is now within single digits of Ben chandler 41/2 months before the elections. That is great news as momentum is clearly for Andy. Ben's 24 point lead is almost gone before campaigning has begun.
Education and grass roots is what will win this election. Please talk to your neighbors and friends. We have a lot of work to do but have a winner to work for! Keep it up folks, this seat was likely hold for the democrats and if it turns, speaker Pelosi can sit down and shut up. Go Andy!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

War in Arizona

The Mexican drug lords have taken a good deal of southern Arizona. The national park service closed a big wildlife refuse to Americans today as Mexicans have it in their control. Obama, Seturo, whatever your real name is, listen. This is an invasion and you are asleep or drunk at the wheel. The presidency isn't a party. The entire world knows that you are weak and they are running all over us because of it.
The military is needed to take our border back in southern Arizona now. They have been screaming for months and you dither on this like everything else. Send the military now and leave them there with shoot to kill orders. One of the only constitutional duties of the federal government is the protection of our borders. You do everything but that. This invasion if not met is impeachable. WAKE UP OBAMA and leave your bong with William Ayers.
Mike Stephens and I have my birth certificate.

The truth about carbon trading

The primary agenda of the radical left now is Cap and Trade. The reason, if they control energy, they control you... socialism. But there is something much more hideous than that.
Obama founded the Chicago Carbon Exchange. If he forces the country into Cap and Trade, he will become one of the richest people in the world with a monopoly on Carbon trading. He funded the purchase with money from Fannie Mae. I don't know which is more corrupt.
This has to be our biggest objective right now as Obama knows he is going to lose the house in November and this is his last chance to pull off this coup. It is stalled in the senate, so he is trying to accomplish it by executive order. The EPA, another completely corrupt arm of government, is operated by the executive and has no authority to do this under the constitution, that pesky document!
We have to shout loud to stop this as it is hard to stop any government program once it starts. Ben Chandler and John Yarmouth both voted for Cap and Trade. Send them home, click the links on the right and help these candidates please.
Mike Stephens

Monday, June 14, 2010

The motivation of the TEA parties

Power has to be removed from the executive branch of our government as well as the congress and the courts. People make better decisions than any of these monopolies. In the wrong hands, this power is economy and freedom killing. Executive orders and Czars are not constitutional.
Many years of this has almost destroyed our country. It has to be stopped and reversed. A turbo-charger is needed once in reverse. The turbo charger is the TEA party. It has to work November 2, 2010 or it is too late. Fortunately, we have constitutional conservatives running with TEA party support all over the country. We have woken up!
Department of education - Since its beginning in another form in 1965, our SAT and ACT scores have consistently dropped as unions have taken over. 52 billion wasted dollars last year. Once the lead in the world, we are no longer in the top 20.
Department of energy - This was formed under Carter because of the oil embargo. The stated goal, energy independence. Quite the contrary has occurred with another 12 billion spent. The government can't do anything well.
Environmental Protection Agency - It has done to the contrary also. This one was started under Nixon and is now the biggest problem in the country. If we could drill for oil in Alaska and in shallow water we wouldn't have the mess in the gulf. Rush calls them wackos and he is right.
This is only three examples, but all these big government programs are welfare to politicians. Did you know that we have 78 Federal police agencies? Each has its own bureaucracy with no accountability and huge budgets.
This is unsustainable on all levels, look at Europe!
Mike Stephens

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tea Party takes over!

Sharron Angle won GOP senate in NV. by 14% even though out spent 5 to 1 by 2 candidates. Bill Johnson are you listening! Conservative values won that primary, not money. She is now up over Dingy Harry... Rasmussen, Thursday by 11%.

The TEA party wins again and Kentucky is a TEA party state. Rand is bad to some of us, including me, but beats the heck out of Conway, not Leland!

We have a great, hopefully congressman in Andy Barr for Ky6th. I only have to hold one nostril for Rand when I vote in November. Andy is clear breathing! Please call your friends in Louisville for Ky3rd, Todd Lally is awesome also.

United We Stand!!!

Mike Stephens

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gilligan Obama

If you remember Gilligan's Island, the theme music's chorus had a "three hour tour". Obama had three hours in LA. over the busy memorial day weekend when he couldn't go to Arlington, so busy that he slept in! "A three hour tour"

The oil spill started getting rough,
the president was tossed.
If not for Rahm Emanuel,
the president would be lost,
the president would be lost!

The oil spill then came aground
With tar balls all around.
The attorney general goes on call,
because the president is lost,
The president now is lost.

He'll keep the boot on the throat of BP
For the work, he bankrupts you and me
But not for total incompetence,
he doesn't have a thing,
he doesn't have a thing

It's Gilligan, the president
And Rahmbo Emanuel too,
meet Janet N. and Holder too!
Alinsky and William Ayers.
On the three hour tour!!!

Liberalism is a mental disorder, Thank you Michael Savage!

Mike Stephens