Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mixed Blessings in Delaware

Christine O'Donnell is a far better candidate as far as the constitution, but with electability, it is another matter. We now have a battle that the GOP isn't going to fund. Shame on Sean Hannity for being nice to Michael Steele, he's a RINO or worse. Conservatism wins, I hope it spreads in Delaware in a national wave.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Andy Barr - More Good News

Nate Silver at is one of the nation's best political prognosticators. He now has Andy Barr at better than even chance of winning, 53%. That is a long way from 21% after the primary. That says a lot for the organization on the ground in Ky 6th. We are still 7 weeks out and that number is much earlier than anyone would have guessed. No wonder Ben Chandler has gone negative. His internal polls must agree.
There is a lot of work still to do to take that number higher before Nov 2, but thank you to everyone that is making this effort. Your work is showing and is going to be a part of a wave that is doing this in many places. Thank you again!
Mike Stephens

Friday, September 10, 2010

Great News for Andy Barr

The national republican party has chosen Andy's election as one of only 11 that they are going to spend money on early. The add is hard hitting at Pelosi's lap dog, Ben Chandler. No new polls have been released from either side, but this move by the GOP is clear indication that Andy has gained a lot of support. My boots on the ground agree!

Another sign of the trend is the latest poll from Ky congress 3rd, Todd Lally. He is now within 2% of John Yarmuth.

We have 2 excellent candidates in these guys, both are worthy of support, work, money, phone calls, knocking on doors and anything you can do. Both are rated as leans democrat, but neither will turn out that way if We The People stand united. Please help these candidates, we can send a big message, sit Pelosi, sit, now hush!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Take Congress

John Boehner needs to shout from the hill. Obama has singled him out repeatedly. If he has the guts, he will answer Obama this way now:

On the first day of voting on new business, the new congress will pass a bill to completely repeal Obamacare. The bill is already written(hold it up) and it is online now with more than 5 days for the public to read, ah hem! It will be the first thing we vote on. I know Obama won't sign it into law, but the new majority will not fund any of that legislation.

Next, we are going to fund only 80% of the following federal budgets: EPA, DOE, NEA, name them, there are 100 plus???. Hold up another bill. Americans have to live by planning, so should government.

Next, we are going to privatize every arm of government that Obama and his congress have taken over from the people. We are going to balance the budget by cutting rather than spending, regulations later.

After that, we are going to pass legislation to audit the fed and all members of congress instead of the American people. Hold up that bill. It is time the government is accountable more than the people.

We The People will rally hard for a person with this guts. We are searching speaker Boehner, you need to deliver. If you won't, step down your speakership.