Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama Breaks Law Daily

The Constitution be damned. It took the bastard 2 times to swear to uphold the constitution at inauguration . It was all a lie. Obama, Seturo, or whatever his name is is a fraud. Of my 3 rental units, 2 are black friends and hate Obama now and both voted for him in 2008. It isn't race!
Obama is toast except the fraud, the unions, the government employees, illegal aliens and the welfare stete.
All 52% remaining Americans need to stand together, this is our last chance. We have to vote him and them out in 2012.
Kemper for Auditor in 2011 in Kentucky!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Democrats Laundry List... Obamacare.

As those of you that have been following know, every statist wish was rolled into this bill. No one read it because the democrats had both houses of congress and Obama.

Jan 1, 2012 the real estate sales tax kicks in. 3.8% of the sale of any real estate will be withdrawn at closing to pay the new tax.. With the market way down, this stops even more transactions. Capitalism and private property are the enemy of socialists and their intent is to destroy it!

First, the government bloats the market with buyers that can't afford the house, causing a bubble. Then they take a 3.8% of a sale off the top. This is how you paralyze another market. There is no explanation for this other than intentional. Obama has 1.4 years left and will try to executive order every bad policy that he can.

He doesn't care if he's a one term president, he just wants to do the most damage he can. Socialism is his goal and he won't run in 2012 because his birth certificate is forged. His damage is the worst since Woodrow Wilson. To socialists, he is a hero.

To freedom and liberty he is schmuck! Thank goodness for the TEA parties!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

White House Dinner on Taxpayers Expense

The White house was on budget with this dinner because there were no special guests and no outside chefs. This is Tuesday's dinner. Our grandkids are going to pay for the Hope and Change of this menu.

White House Honey Gastrique
Tuna Tartare with Rye Crisps
Pickled Young Carrots and Mustard Oil
Spring Pea Salad
Shaved Ham and Ginger Snaps
Petite Filet
With Maryland Crab Ravioli
Wild Ramp Puree
Apple Strudel
Golden Raisins and Topfen

Usually they blow the budget because they bring in chefs from all over the world. THIS IS SICK! The ruling class of progressives need to go permanently.