Friday, October 28, 2011

Strong Endorsement From Senator Rand Paul!

The most important job in Kentucky after the governor is the Auditor. U.S. Senator Paul' endorsement is quoted below... this is very strong!

Dear Friend,

As a Kentuckian, a conservative and a constant thorn in the side of the political status quo, I fully support John Kemper for Kentucky State Auditor.

At times, Frankfort can be a lot like Washington. The political class believes it knows what is best and doesn't listen to the voice of the people.

I can tell you John Kemper would fight the establishment in Frankfort. Fight it every day. And he would bring honesty and transparency to our state finances.

You see, the State Auditor is the watchdog of your tax dollars. Who is spending it, when and why. Too often, this post is filled by a card-carrying member of the political class -- someone who has his eye so firmly on the next office he wants that waste, fraud and corruption are often swept under the rug.

But John Kemper is different.

One of the strongest ideas I've heard from any politician in recent memory is John's plan to shine a spotlight on government spending by putting state government expenditures online – where a simple search by any citizen would uncover problems.

It is a simple, yet powerful idea. Common sense, you might say. But then, John is having to run on this idea this year because no one in Frankfort has had the common sense to do this before!

I think we can all agree: Common sense is a great trait in an officeholder – and perhaps the one too often lacking.

John is a true fiscal conservative. He supports lower taxes, smaller government and more jobs through a better energy policy.

He also believes every area of government should be examined so that as little of your tax dollars and freedom are taken in the name of government.

We share these goals and ideals, and I hope you'll consider voting for John on November 8.

But beyond that, I hope you will help John in his fight by helping his campaign with a contribution today.

John is fighting the special interests and the moneyed elite in this battle. They know he can't be bought, and they know he isn't one of them, so they are fighting tooth and nail to keep him out of this auditor's job.

John will expose the corruption. He will crusade against the cronyism. He will declare war on the waste and abuse.

Because of that, the tax-and-spend, grip-and-grin lobbyist crowd is loading the campaign of his opponent with cash.

John must have your help to fight back today.

So please, give John your support. Send him your maximum possible contribution by going to his website:

Volunteer for him. Ask if you can make some calls. Help make sure John can bring change to Frankfort this election day.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul
U.S. Senator

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sharing the Middle Leg

John Kemper's opponent, claims to be independent of his former boss, Governor Beshear. Adam was his Chief of Staff until he resigned to run for Auditor. He claims to be independent of his former boss yet their signs share the middle leg. These signs are all over Kentucky and clearly one team installed them together.

KRS 43.050 calls for "... an auditor who is entirely independent of the state administration he is called upon to audit..." The word "independent" appears 3 times in the first paragraph. Clearly the intent of the law was not for the governor's Chief of Staff to be the Auditor of the governor.

The fox can't be allowed to guard the hen house any longer. Kentucky is broke and our government is the reason!

The Auditor of Public Accounts was written into our first constitution in 1792 because our founders knew that government would become corrupt... they were right!

40 years in a row, one party has audited Kentucky. That has to end now! Please help John Kemper end this government take over of We the People!