Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is Occupy Wall Street

Obama said in his campaign that he wanted a civilian military as strong and well funded as the real military. A civilian military is not responsible to anyone but him. This is a tactic designed to negate the strength of the citizens and the 2nd amendment as well as the military. Socialists know that their ideas are not wanted by free people so they rename them as something else to hide the real nature of what they are doing.

Enter Occupy Wall Street, phase I. This movement is totally funded by the left, SEIU, Soros and many others. The left sees the TEA parties as a rising army, racists, terrorists and radicals clinging to their guns and religion. Occupy is not a grass root movement, it is orchestrated in the White House and is the anti-TEA party and Obama's civilian army.

This is only phase 1, designed to see problems early. If you look back 4 years Obama was working hard for a radical muslim to become the president of Kenya. The polls looked bad and several memos showed up that showed the senator telling his friend if you lose, bring all your supporters and riot in the streets. Scream that the elections were stolen and don't back down. The event worked and the election was conceded to Obama's loser. All of this has disappeared from the internet.

This is what Occupy Wall Street is and is yet another reason Obama belongs in a Mexican jail for Fast and Furious.