Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ils May Have It

The Ils may have it. North Korea that is. Daddy is dying and son needs to prove his metal. This is a very dangerous situation and has started. Tuesday's attack on the South's island was the biggest since 1953. Today the North moved surface to air missles to several shores as The USS George Washington arrived with its entourage. America has 28,000 troops on the ground and a president that doesn't know how to lead. Timing couldn't be better.
The Ils may have it. China is providing them with weapons, technology, back door approval and cash. The Ils owns the media, production of all products, electricity and food... monarchy. The GNP is 1/40 of the South's, the people are totally dependant on the government. If you haven't seen the satellite night photo, find it, there are no lights in the North... monarchy.
The South is capatilist and successful. Obama doesn't like either unless it's him. He won't stand up against the monarchy as it is preferred to the free people... Alinsky, Marx and Hitler, Obama is in denial of history, so it repeats itself again at the 35th parallel.
Please educate your kids and your neighbors. Civics and exceptionalism are no longer taught in socialist education. It is up to We The People.

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