Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ils May Have It

The Ils may have it. North Korea that is. Daddy is dying and son needs to prove his metal. This is a very dangerous situation and has started. Tuesday's attack on the South's island was the biggest since 1953. Today the North moved surface to air missles to several shores as The USS George Washington arrived with its entourage. America has 28,000 troops on the ground and a president that doesn't know how to lead. Timing couldn't be better.
The Ils may have it. China is providing them with weapons, technology, back door approval and cash. The Ils owns the media, production of all products, electricity and food... monarchy. The GNP is 1/40 of the South's, the people are totally dependant on the government. If you haven't seen the satellite night photo, find it, there are no lights in the North... monarchy.
The South is capatilist and successful. Obama doesn't like either unless it's him. He won't stand up against the monarchy as it is preferred to the free people... Alinsky, Marx and Hitler, Obama is in denial of history, so it repeats itself again at the 35th parallel.
Please educate your kids and your neighbors. Civics and exceptionalism are no longer taught in socialist education. It is up to We The People.

Friday, November 12, 2010

John's link

This picture of John is better than both on his site, thank you Gene! Can we do better? This link needs to be used throughout the campaign and I certainly want all input.

Friday, November 5, 2010

No Compromise With Obama

No Obama, no compromise. You are a socialist and we have no common ground. We love our freedom and self reliance and you loathe both. There cannot be compromise with you and your leadership. Even a step in your direction is off the cliff of America.
No Obama. I hope the new congress has the guts to allow you to shut down the government and keep it that way. We will all be better off and that congress will be reelected and expanded. The socialists have been steering your car to the left for a century. You didn't change the oil or even wash the car with all your stimulus. It is rusty and has no brakes, steering or solar panels. Yes, you can blame it on Bush, he was another cog in the big government wheel. But you accelerated it and the people woke up. This is not the kind of change that America wants and you are toast in 2012 if you're man enough to run.
You are a community organizer only and we see the wonderful work you did in Chicago. Socialism always fails. Your policies stink and now that your executive can be investigated, your house of cards will come tumbling down. Your empty suit will be shown, your unions obliterated and your party will be forever given the boot. Thank you for waking up the sleeping giant that was busy producing products and services and creating jobs until you and many before you relegated us into politics. The TEA parties are not racist, you are. They are not extreme, you are and it is soon over.
The new congress will stop some of your dirt in the next 2 years, but the coarse will be reversed in 2012. There are 21 democrat senators up for election, 2 independent and 10 republican plus the socialist and chief that is spending over one billion of our children's dollars on a vacation right after the election. That's 8 vacations already this year. No Mr. Obama there is no compromise with you. Hear me congress and stay strong we will vote with our boots again in 2012 and will be much better prepared for your fraud.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We can't beat ACORN

It's a shame, but the unions and their paid cheats will win a lot of races. The house will be strong GOP and the senate improve, but no majority with all the cheating.

The WAVE starts in Kentucky

The WAVE starts in Ky 6th with Ben Chandler's firing. We are the first state to close the polls and have a good secretary of state. The In. senate race is called first for Coats, but Andy Barr is second, first in the house. He is Nate Silver's #61 and wins by 5 or 6 early. The WAVE starts. Dick Morris will go crazy as will I. Todd Lally is rated at 102. If he wins, and should, the bellwethers are set to come close to 1894.