Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Negotiations Are Over Mr. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,
America is trying to climb out of debt and your leadership is required in this matter. We are up against the debt ceiling soon and nothing short of more taxes is worthy of your consideration. This is unacceptable to the American people, they want spending reduced now and so do we. All Americans are reducing spending and so should the government, it is time for you to lead.

We detailed a budget in April in the house and sent it to the senate with a large margin of votes. It was not debated there or an alternative produced. Your budget was debated there and was defeated 97 to 0. The constitution requires a budget every year and we have not had one for your entire presidency.

The negotiations are over Mr. president. Our budget is available to you and the senate. It passed here and can be signed into law quickly. If the debt ceiling is not raised, revenues are available to pay most bills of the country. Your spending spree is over, it is time to be responsible and live within your means. No more debt will be incurred on the backs of our children.

If the house was to publicize an action similar to this, the American people would cheer and the Emperors lack of clothes would be shown to all. Stand strong Boehner and others, we have to chop the head off of this monster now!

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