Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Senate in Play

Keep an eye on the US senate November 2. 44 seats are not up or safe for the democrats and 38 for republicans. 10 are very close: CA, CO, FL, IL, MO, NV, OH, PA, WA and WI. Resources are going to be spread thin for the machines that commit fraud to steal close elections. Add to that the much higher energy in the republican party and the TEA party, the senate is in play.

Another factor, 33 senators are up in the 2 year cycle plus special elections, there are 5 this year. CO, DE, IL, NY and WV, all democrat held seats. Spread thinner! Add to that Harry Reid is the majority leader and is in real trouble. Tremendous amounts of money and union resources will be spent in NV to try to hold this seat, spread even thinner. Add CT, KY, NC, OR and WV close enough to be possible takeovers, and the house having about 120 seats in play, ACORN and SEIU can't get to many of them and they will be decided by the voters instead of the cheaters. Many have been abandoned already by the dumbocrats. We have a chance!

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