Saturday, August 14, 2010

Resume drilling in the gulf

On April 20, the Deepwater Horizon blew up. Obama was lost. A leader would have called in industry experts and would have taken control like the 1991 law after the Exxon Valdiez required. He dithered for 41 days, doing nothing except blaming, regulating and calling in academics with the same experience as his cabinet, none. Skimmers from around the world remained docked and the beaches were oiled.

Soon, he imposed a regulation that stopped drilling. A court said no, so another action was taken. The businesses that do these jobs were uncertain like all Americans and "rig row" now exists at a port in MS. Many other employers have left. 140,000 people were stopped from working by 2 more executive actions. Not included in jobs saved.

The well was capped and the oil is gone, but the drilling ban has not been lifted. If not for Obama's dithering, the oil would have never reached the shore. Jindal's berms were not approved by his majesty and the results made news. Never let a crisis go to waste!

Obama is great at food stamps, now at a record, and killing jobs. Everything the socialist touches has his stink all over it. Not sorry Michele, its not his body, it's his mind or lack thereof.

He wants unemployment... Cloward and Piven. He wants the capitalist system that made America great to go to a place with our constitution, I don't know the muslim word for, hell. Both are under constant attack.

WE THE PEOPLE are too great for this failed bum. We have November 2, 2010 to tell him NO MORE. They have most government employees, most unions, the illegals and those that live on the government tit. We conservatives barely outnumber them and have to stop and reverse this. This is our last chance .

Please educate your friends, family and neighbors. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are killing our kids future with their machines leading. The deficit is now almost 8 times more than Bush's worst under Pelosi and Reid's congress. Government is the problem, not the solution.

Socialism always fails because you run out of working people's money and kill their incentive to produce. Freedom brings excellence and united we stand. Please get involved.
Mike Stephens

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