Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vote Fraud Goes to a New Level

George Soros, James Rucker, Becky Bond and others founded the Secretary of State Project as division of the Democracy Alliance. The idea was to target 13 states elections to control this job only. Secretaries of State control voting. They won 11 of the 13 in 2006 with maximum donations made by the likes of Senator Kerry's wife Theresa Heinz Kerry. Minnesota was one of the wins, Missouri was another. In the 8 month fight for US senate in MN, Franken won because of fraudulent votes allowed. See article several down.
In MO, secretary of State Carnahan has twice refused to purge felons and dead people off the rolls. She is running for US senate and needs the fraud. The Pendergrasses are alive and well again.
The democrats are losing and cheating is the only way they have left to win. This is not new, it goes back to Boss Tweed in Tammany Hall and mayor Daily of Chicago mob fame and many, many more across the country. We have to protect the votes in 2010, the fraud will be rampant and is far more rampant than in most countries in the world. The democrats are cheats!
Specifically targeted is: not purging rolls, same day registration and no ID required to vote. All are ways to commit fraud and they are being implemented into all 11 states that SOSP bought. Ohio is a big target as the senate race is close, Missouri, the same, California also. SOSP had donated a lot of money for these crimes again in 2010. Don't ignore this office, it is critical to our voices being heard. I will be at my polling place as a challenger all day Nov. 2.
Mike Stephens

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