Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters ethics

Oh what a Rangeled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.
It is the way in congress from which Ben and Jack have received.

Yes, Ben Chandler $10,000 and Jack Conway $13,000 from Rangel. Ben sits on the ethics committee that is trying the corrupt pieces of garbage, is that a bribe? I guess that Ben is as bad a negotiator as he is a fighter for the constitution he swore to uphold. If you or I were to commit these crimes, we would be under the jail. But corrupt congressmen and women are above the law. What are laws to socialists... an inconvenience from which they are exempt.

The huge democrat majorities in the house and senate are what enabled the socialists that make up the democrat party to shred the constitution. That has to stop and be reversed. They pass laws that do nothing good for business. Their laws only hamper business by strengthening federal power and their unions. Then they raise regulations and taxes and exempt their allies.

It's time to drain Nancy Pelosi's swamp and Harry Reid's also. November 2 is critical. Please educate your friends and neighbors and bring in new blood. This country will not survive 2 more years of this.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good News for Kentucky

Phil Moffett, Louisville businessman is running for governor. He is a TEA party conservative. His choice to run along side him is Mike Harmon. Harmon is a state house member from Danville. The reason that this is good news for Kentucky, they are both constitutional conservatives. This TEA party activist is thrilled!!!
Before I met Phil, I posted a link to one of his sites, because I believe in it. It is one of only 5 links on this page and I am not paid for them!

I will post a link as soon as one is available to their site.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Michele Bachman for President

She rocks on every level. She stands up when the boys won't, read the news! She is a true conservative and has the backbone to stand up to the left. Andy, when you beat Ben, join her TEA party caucus. United we stand!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oil Spill Disappears

That's not possible! Since the well was capped, skimmers went from 20,000 barrels a day to 200 collected. "It's underwater hiding" is many from the left's answer. I have news for you, oil floats in fresh water, add the density of salt and oil is very buoyant. Plus, the supposed 200 million gallons in the gulf is less than a drop in a hottub. Sunscreen on one person in that hottub is way more oil. These ecosystems survived asteroids, volcanoes plus solar activity that raised and fell, followed by earth and other planet temperature.

Libtards, socialists, see their own importance more than reality. It's no wonder that they are confused as to where the oil went. Duhhh, nature produced it then nature consumed it. If you don't believe it, look at Exxon Valdiez, the same thing exactly. "Where did it go?" The 1980 spill off Mexico in the same gulf lasted 9 months under similar pressure and our coast was never hit and nobody hears about that.

Crisis management, Obama learned it from Alinsky and Ayers. Solving problems is over his head. That is true of any socialist. VOTE THEM OUT Nov 2.

Senate in Play

Keep an eye on the US senate November 2. 44 seats are not up or safe for the democrats and 38 for republicans. 10 are very close: CA, CO, FL, IL, MO, NV, OH, PA, WA and WI. Resources are going to be spread thin for the machines that commit fraud to steal close elections. Add to that the much higher energy in the republican party and the TEA party, the senate is in play.

Another factor, 33 senators are up in the 2 year cycle plus special elections, there are 5 this year. CO, DE, IL, NY and WV, all democrat held seats. Spread thinner! Add to that Harry Reid is the majority leader and is in real trouble. Tremendous amounts of money and union resources will be spent in NV to try to hold this seat, spread even thinner. Add CT, KY, NC, OR and WV close enough to be possible takeovers, and the house having about 120 seats in play, ACORN and SEIU can't get to many of them and they will be decided by the voters instead of the cheaters. Many have been abandoned already by the dumbocrats. We have a chance!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lame Duck Congress

From Nov 2, 2010 until Jan 3, 2011 the democrats will have their last chance to force their socialist will on We The People. With nothing to lose, many retiring members will have their last opportunity to drive the stake in the heart of capitalism. They will try.

There is good news. Special elections are sworn in immediately after the secretary of state in each state certifies the election, this should be by Nov 10. Delaware was Biden's seat and RINO Mike Castle is way ahead. In Colorado, Salazars's former seat, conservative Ken Buck is going to win big and Obama's seat is leaning to Mark Kirk, another RINO. All three are GOP and one for sure will stand up, probably all three as new members. West Virginia is another special that may be of help also. Either way, the filibuster grew some legs, 44 GOP senators then. I am afraid we are going to need them as Pelosi, Reid and Obama will use the force and back room deals that passed health care.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Obama is destroying America on purpose.

Progressive socialists have all law making tools in their hands and they are writing laws like crazy. So fast that you wonder, how can they write faster than they can read? They can't, this was planned a long time ago. It's democrats more than republicans, but both... Reid, Pelosi, Christ, Specter, Snowe as well as Obama.

With regulations, laws, lawsuits and executive orders, Obama has unconstitutionally taken over:
Health care, voting, the internet, insurance companies, banks, media, car companies, drilling in the gulf, student loans, the list goes on.

Foreign relations have turned from pro Christian to pro muslim, from pro America to we're the bad guys. This can only be planned tyranny. A president that won't prove his eligibility, that bows to our enemies, won't stand with our allies, takes over everything, confiscates our assets and regulates our future needs is not upholding his constitutional oath. In fact to the contrary.

Obama founded the Chicago Carbon Exchange. Who do you think will profit from the dithering in the gulf?. The chosen few. Who has had more parties, vacations, and world travel than any previous president when the economy is in the tank. He is a progressive socialist control freak that knows Alinsky and Piven very well. Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright also. Our constitution is in his way because he wants to destroy the America I love.

We have to vote out the people in congress that don't stand for the freedom of We The People. Only, united we stand. November 2, 2010 is critical, please educate your family, friends and neighbors, we have to stop this tyranny and at Obama's rate, this is our last chance.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vote fraud put Al Franken in the US senate

Fox reported today that in 2 counties in Minnesota more illegal votes were cast than Franken won by. Recounts took 6 months to find these votes. Those of us that paid attention watched that travesty occur and a loser put in the senate. We should prosecute the fraud and force Franken out, he did not win. But what are laws to socialists?
In Missouri, the secretary of state is running for US senate and refuses to purge felons and dead people off the voting roles which is required by law and is her job. The Pendergrasses are still alive as well as Boss Tweed in Tammany hall.
ACORN and derivatives will cast about 10% of the vote in the US this November, with stimulus money, maybe more. We have to win big, big majorities to cover the fraud. If fraud was stopped, democrats would be the minority party and this socialism would not be taking over. ACORN works in GOP primaries all the time, Dole, Bush and McCain are all examples.
I will be at my polling place from open to close as a challenger. It requires a class and permission from the county clerk and a candidate running in that precinct in Kentucky.
Please help, this is way more prevalent than you know. Email me with questions or to find out how to help. My email address is on the right bottom.
Mike Stephens

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oil spill intentional in gulf?

The evidence is mounting. The American people don't want cap and trade, but the people behind BP do. Goldman Sacks, Obama and BP are all pushing for carbon taxes. Obama founded the Chicago Carbon Exchange. Who do you think will profit from Carbon taxes at We The People's expense.
The answer is obvious. Those that sold their BP stock before the explosion are those that would profit. Goldman sold 44% of its BP stock, Vanguard all of its, thus Obama and Tony Hayward all sold 2 weeks before the explosion. They all knew that the explosion was about to occur. The MMS knew as early as Feb. 10 that this would happen if the well wasn't deep cemented. It wasn't, but Exxon did exactly that 4 years earlier in a similar well less than 200 miles from this one. Why did Halliburton make a huge investment in Boots and Coots, an oil spill clean up company, on almost the same day that these insiders sold their stock. This is a take over by crisis. Those responsible are all through these companies and more importantly, the White House and congress.
The criminal investigation needs to go there now Mr. Holder. Fat chance. Obama has blocked almost all effort to clean this up thus magnifying the crisis. You can't let it go to waste. This regulation and that environmental concern have furthered the definition of dithering in fact made it criminal.
November 2, 2010 has become imperative. Can they cook up another crisis and cancel the elections? Over my dead body. That's how serious this is.
Mike Stephens