Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Andy Barr and Ben Chandler Debated Tonight

It wasn't close! Andy's passion and determination could not be missed by anyone that watched. He was up on facts and was quick with responses and on the point. He answered all questions well and at one point the camera got a shot of Ben that was classic. Andy had whipped him and Ben knew it. Andy's cost cutting was specific and understandable and the line about the trip to the Galapagos islands was terrific! Great job Andy. It was another step in the right direction... east bound for Andy and Carol!

We have a lot of work to do and for a terrific candidate. Please get your neighbors, family and friends and walk door to door or make phone calls. 255-5918 is the victory office on Southland Dr. Afsi has door to door lists and phone numbers and will put you to work!

Andy, please read next post, it would have helped tonight!
Mike Stephens

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