Monday, October 11, 2010

Ben Chandler Needs To Go Home Nov 2.

Since Nancy Pelosi became Ben Chandler's boss, the house has spent us into oblivion. The last congress before Pelosi had a deficit of just over 100 billion, 2006. Unemployment was at 4.6%. The deficit this year was over 8 times that. This year, Ben's congress has not fulfilled their constitutional duty to pass a budget, not one vote on any budget bill. No, campaigning is more important than the law to Pelosi and Chandler, Reid and Obama. They are all socialists who have the constitution in their way.
Another thing that was put off under Chandler is the ethics trials of Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters. Ben is one of 5 democrats on the ethics committee. Rangel and Waters are running again because ethics are not important in Pelosi's swamp. Ben Chandler is one of the 5 that voted to postpone these trials. I wonder if it had anything to do with the $10,000 that Rangel gave Ben, that's a lot of Pop Tarts. Ben won't give back the dirty money.
Please educate your friends and family, Ben Chandler has to go home to retire on our tax dollars and the health bill he is exempt from. That is better than letting him spend more and avoid prosecuting his donors. Crime has taken over our congress, we need to throw the criminals out. One is here in Central Ky, send Ben home and shut up Nancy Pelosi! We will get to Obama in 2012.

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