Sunday, October 24, 2010

Andy Barr moves to "Tossup" RCP is a very good source for information on house races. They use Charlie Cook, Nate Silver, Stu Rothenberg, many polls and models. They just moved Ky congress 6th from leans democrat to tossup!!! Andy Barr's big win in the debate, John Boehner coming and several polls influenced this move. They are right, the momentum is clearly moving voters.
The people on the ground and the excellent candidate are both factors. We have only 9 days left to this election, so all of us that have worked to make this possible, please step it up another notch. This one is close, but can be won. Thank each of you again. May the next 9 days be productive and make Carol move with Andy to Washington!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Down to the Wire for Nov 2.

With 10 days until election day, campaigning is in full stride. Enthusiasm for Andy Barr's race is extremely high. Over 100 people were in the victory office today when leader (soon Speaker) Boehner rallied the crowd. The crowd cheered on many points and the smile on Andy's face lit up the room. We have a lot of work to do over the next 10 days as this is close. It is winnable and a lot of hard working people have formed a team that will soon cause the Barr's to move east.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obama Is Not Doing The People's Business

Our commander and chief is hired by We The People to do the people's business. He is doing nothing about the economy, nothing about the nuclear weapons development of enemies sworn to annihilate us. Nothing about the southern border or the radical socialists that are taking over our freedom and liberty.

He is campaigning on Air Force One with its compliment of other planes, limos and staffs to expand his goals. He is doing this because socialism is the change he is bringing to America and was from the start.

The cost to Seattle alone is $150,000 for his campaign stop, what is the cost to the taxpayers on the federal level? We didn't hire him to campaign, but that is all he knows. His community that he organized has the highest crime rate in America and the highest dropout rate... good organization.

He is totally incompetent and cares about nothing but himself and his power. I don't even want to type his name. He has had more parties, played more golf and done less work than any president in my lifetime.

Please get your friends, family and neighbors to vote we have to win this election. 2010 is the first time I have ever written anything like this, it is critical to freedom.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Andy Barr and Ben Chandler Debated Tonight

It wasn't close! Andy's passion and determination could not be missed by anyone that watched. He was up on facts and was quick with responses and on the point. He answered all questions well and at one point the camera got a shot of Ben that was classic. Andy had whipped him and Ben knew it. Andy's cost cutting was specific and understandable and the line about the trip to the Galapagos islands was terrific! Great job Andy. It was another step in the right direction... east bound for Andy and Carol!

We have a lot of work to do and for a terrific candidate. Please get your neighbors, family and friends and walk door to door or make phone calls. 255-5918 is the victory office on Southland Dr. Afsi has door to door lists and phone numbers and will put you to work!

Andy, please read next post, it would have helped tonight!
Mike Stephens

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ben Chandler Needs To Go Home Nov 2.

Since Nancy Pelosi became Ben Chandler's boss, the house has spent us into oblivion. The last congress before Pelosi had a deficit of just over 100 billion, 2006. Unemployment was at 4.6%. The deficit this year was over 8 times that. This year, Ben's congress has not fulfilled their constitutional duty to pass a budget, not one vote on any budget bill. No, campaigning is more important than the law to Pelosi and Chandler, Reid and Obama. They are all socialists who have the constitution in their way.
Another thing that was put off under Chandler is the ethics trials of Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters. Ben is one of 5 democrats on the ethics committee. Rangel and Waters are running again because ethics are not important in Pelosi's swamp. Ben Chandler is one of the 5 that voted to postpone these trials. I wonder if it had anything to do with the $10,000 that Rangel gave Ben, that's a lot of Pop Tarts. Ben won't give back the dirty money.
Please educate your friends and family, Ben Chandler has to go home to retire on our tax dollars and the health bill he is exempt from. That is better than letting him spend more and avoid prosecuting his donors. Crime has taken over our congress, we need to throw the criminals out. One is here in Central Ky, send Ben home and shut up Nancy Pelosi! We will get to Obama in 2012.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Democrats firewall not working

4 weeks before the election, every senate candidate that is up 6% or more has won every time since 1998. Let's look at Rasmussen's last poll numbers.

All republican seats that are up are over 6% winning, including incumbents and new members.

Losing democrat seats:
North Dakota - Hoeven +43%
Arkansas - Boozman +38%
Indiana - Coats +16%
Wisconsin - Johnson +12%
Pennsylvania - Toomey +8%
Colorado - Buck+8%

Inside 6% and in play
West Virginia - Raese +2%
Illinois - Kirk+2%
Washington - Rossi +1%
Nevada - Angle -1%
California - Fiorina -4%
Connecticut - McMahon -5%

Trending right after very late primaries:
Delaware - O'Donnell -9% but coming on strong. Media negative is voter positive this year.
New York - Dioguardi -11% Rasmussen hasn't been here since Sept 16th. Other recent polls have him within error!

This leaves 8 still in play with the GOP at 47, dems at 45.