Sunday, April 10, 2011

David Williams... Stay in the Senate and Unite posted a story that Richie's wife filed for divorce. Multiple sources have told me about an incident in a bar when Richie had very unflattering words about David. There has been stories about Richie's affairs for a long time, many have details, the democrats are licking their chops. Williams/Farmer is falling apart.

Phil's internal polls have him up by 8% and as a person all over the state in this roll for another office, I see this plus a bunch even within the GOP. The people that organized for Rand are even more powerful and organized plus have another great candidate, Phil Moffett. I think even better. I wasn't part of that team but have joined now. It appears that Rand's 23% win over Trey is going to be repeated no matter how much money is spent.

David, you lead the senate, do the best thing for Kentucky, support Phil and stand by him for governor. You talk a lot about uniting. Walk the walk for our state please.

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