Saturday, April 23, 2011

John Kemper is the Fighter We Need for Auditor!

The Grant county Lincoln dinner was the most interesting yet! There was a wonderful surprise, Joe Miller! This true patriot spoke of TEA party values that the GOP needs to embrace to thrive. He wants to return to the constitution and God bless him. Thank you Joe! The candidates all got 5 minutes to speak, then Senator Damon Thayer keynoted.
This is what made it even more interesting. As a sitting senator, you are not supposed to favor in a primary. Wearing a Wuchner sticker and a Williams sticker, he called out Candidate Kemper (opposing Wuchner) by name about something that Kemper campaigns on, on-line government spending. Thayer said his senate bill 7 causes this and it is not an issue. Thayer's was trying to remove Kemper's issue, Kemper stood up for himself and walked down the isle and waited for a chance to reply. The encounter was classic!
This was overtly political by Thayer who couldn't answer Kemper. We need strong people like John Kemper to take this government back. He fought tonight and We The People won. David Williams was right next to Kemper while he was in the isle and tried repeatedly to get John to sit down, the Burkesville Bully!.
I made a decision tonight David Williams. If you are the nominee, I will vote for Gatewood. This has been discussed by many of us in the TEA party movement, I changed my mind tonight David.
Damon, look for a primary little man, you painted a bullseye on your own back tonight. You people in the republican party had better wake up. Beshear will beat Williams and we will be standing with our thumbs up our collective butts. John Kemper will be the Auditor.

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