Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shut Down the Government!

Stand strong congress. If you wish reelection in 2012, you will not back down. 57% of the people want the government shut down if drastic cuts in spending are not made. I shout it, SHUT IT DOWN.

We are stuck with too much government, it is time to SHUT IT DOWN. Only fund that which is constitutional. That is what you are hired for, now do your job and SHUT IT DOWN. Stand strong and tell the people that you are for the constitution and aren't going to pay with our grandchildren's money anymore to buy Kobi beef for Obama and the Department of Propaganda and the 87 agencies that are not teaching anybody for 82 billion last year.

It's no wonder that the government has more employees than manufacturing. Regulate and tax the private sector out of business and then give their money to your voters. SHUT IT DOWN or we will run you out of office. We The People are full awake, and we are locked and loaded. This TEA partier will work hard to primary RINOs and defeat socialists.

Wake up GOP. If you want to survive as a party, embrace We The People. United we stand, divided we fall. John Kemper for Auditor, Phil Moffett for Governor, Bill Johnson for Secretary of State and Todd P'Pool for Attorney General, Ken Moellman for Treasurer and I like both for Ag Comm, win win!

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