Saturday, April 23, 2011

John Kemper is the Fighter We Need for Auditor!

The Grant county Lincoln dinner was the most interesting yet! There was a wonderful surprise, Joe Miller! This true patriot spoke of TEA party values that the GOP needs to embrace to thrive. He wants to return to the constitution and God bless him. Thank you Joe! The candidates all got 5 minutes to speak, then Senator Damon Thayer keynoted.
This is what made it even more interesting. As a sitting senator, you are not supposed to favor in a primary. Wearing a Wuchner sticker and a Williams sticker, he called out Candidate Kemper (opposing Wuchner) by name about something that Kemper campaigns on, on-line government spending. Thayer said his senate bill 7 causes this and it is not an issue. Thayer's was trying to remove Kemper's issue, Kemper stood up for himself and walked down the isle and waited for a chance to reply. The encounter was classic!
This was overtly political by Thayer who couldn't answer Kemper. We need strong people like John Kemper to take this government back. He fought tonight and We The People won. David Williams was right next to Kemper while he was in the isle and tried repeatedly to get John to sit down, the Burkesville Bully!.
I made a decision tonight David Williams. If you are the nominee, I will vote for Gatewood. This has been discussed by many of us in the TEA party movement, I changed my mind tonight David.
Damon, look for a primary little man, you painted a bullseye on your own back tonight. You people in the republican party had better wake up. Beshear will beat Williams and we will be standing with our thumbs up our collective butts. John Kemper will be the Auditor.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bobbie Holsclaw Ruined her Campaign Tonight.

At the WROCK Candidates Forum tonight she blew it. WROCK stands for Women Republicans of Central Kentucky. As a woman, Bobbie had a distinct advantage and threw it over the cliff and followed it.
I don't even remember the question, it doesn't matter. She dodged an answer with useless gibberish. When the questioner asked her to answer it, Bobbie, instead of giving an answer attacked the woman sternly. She completely lost her cool. Even if she didn't want to answer the question, she could have handled it in any other way.
The members of WROCK were all stunned and any support she had left as quickly as Bobbie and Ed did after it was over. This will go everywhere as there were a lot of people there that would have liked to hear an answer. This was childish and unworthy of a candidate for governor.
The only reason that this ticket stays in the race is to hurt another candidate. It is time to leave Bobbie. My apologies to Bill Vermillion who is an outstanding individual. I hope he will return to politics in another position. I will support him as will a lot of other people. But after tonight, I would vote for Gatewood before Bobbie.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

David Williams... Stay in the Senate and Unite posted a story that Richie's wife filed for divorce. Multiple sources have told me about an incident in a bar when Richie had very unflattering words about David. There has been stories about Richie's affairs for a long time, many have details, the democrats are licking their chops. Williams/Farmer is falling apart.

Phil's internal polls have him up by 8% and as a person all over the state in this roll for another office, I see this plus a bunch even within the GOP. The people that organized for Rand are even more powerful and organized plus have another great candidate, Phil Moffett. I think even better. I wasn't part of that team but have joined now. It appears that Rand's 23% win over Trey is going to be repeated no matter how much money is spent.

David, you lead the senate, do the best thing for Kentucky, support Phil and stand by him for governor. You talk a lot about uniting. Walk the walk for our state please.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boehner Cried Again Because He Lost

With a last minute deal stopping a government shutdown, 38.5 billion in cuts were agreed to by both houses of congress and the president. They bought a week but the deal doesn't make the cuts until the full bill is passed, whatever that means. The rules that the house voted in, in January, require that all legislation is posted for 48 hours before a vote. This agreement required a vote to become law. Not only did the 61 billion drop to 38.5, that is bad, but what is worse, they kept Planned Parenthood and NPR funding. Boehner should be crying because Reid said it was historic. It is time to primary John Boehner. 38.5 billion with the deficit 1,650 billion. This is pathetic.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shut Down the Government!

Stand strong congress. If you wish reelection in 2012, you will not back down. 57% of the people want the government shut down if drastic cuts in spending are not made. I shout it, SHUT IT DOWN.

We are stuck with too much government, it is time to SHUT IT DOWN. Only fund that which is constitutional. That is what you are hired for, now do your job and SHUT IT DOWN. Stand strong and tell the people that you are for the constitution and aren't going to pay with our grandchildren's money anymore to buy Kobi beef for Obama and the Department of Propaganda and the 87 agencies that are not teaching anybody for 82 billion last year.

It's no wonder that the government has more employees than manufacturing. Regulate and tax the private sector out of business and then give their money to your voters. SHUT IT DOWN or we will run you out of office. We The People are full awake, and we are locked and loaded. This TEA partier will work hard to primary RINOs and defeat socialists.

Wake up GOP. If you want to survive as a party, embrace We The People. United we stand, divided we fall. John Kemper for Auditor, Phil Moffett for Governor, Bill Johnson for Secretary of State and Todd P'Pool for Attorney General, Ken Moellman for Treasurer and I like both for Ag Comm, win win!